How to Increase Social Media Engagement

Social_MediaIt’s the holy grail for social media marketers – an enthusiastic base of followers. There’s a massive distinction to be made between the number of likes you have, and the quality of the people behind them.

Committed brand evangelists are golden. No matter how good your marketing copy is, you can always benefit from testimonials, reviews, and the viral spread of your brand.

The question is: how can a company actually form these relationships?
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How to Improve Marketing with Google Analytics

As we all know that Google Analytics is a very powerful tool used by every digital person who have a blog or site, but do you know how to use it properly? I think the more chances are you don’t know…

In Google Analytics looking reports or stats are not enough. You have to take the data from Google Analytics, analyse that data and make some changes or adjustments to your website to increase your visitors and engagement.

So the question is how can you use Google Analytics to improve your marketing? Well, here is an infographic created by Neil Patel that will show you all the steps which you need to take to improve your marketing.
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Using to Understand better Google+


CCG+Are you like many who are somewhat confounded by Google+? Are you confused about how best to use Google+ for yourself and/or your business? Do you want to glean more information on what posts are garnering the most comments and +1’s? Then you may want to visit It’s not only a useful tool for understanding your pages and profiles on Google+, it’s fun to use too!
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Top 10 innovative digital companies in India

With the rise of smart-phones and tablets, digital marketing has become an essential part of marketing strategy for almost all brands and personalities. Digital marketing gives inventive techniques to the companies for endless traffic and with profitable momentum. Digital marketing has enormous potential to increase sales and it will help you to connect with your customers and can build one-to-one relation with them.Digital marketing is comparatively inexpensive and more effective than the other traditional marketing method. Business of any company can benefit with services offered by digital companies in many ways. This is help to increase brand recognition, however if it is not used properly then it can also have a reverse affect.
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#Airtel4GSpeedTest – Demonstrate the true speeds of Airtel 4G

As we all know that Airtel launched his fastest network ever. The best 4G LTE network for all smart phones. We can enjoy thos 4G spedd with our 4G Data Card, WiFi Hotspot or wireless router.

Airtel offers you all to demonstrate the true speeds of Airtel 4G.

The #Airtel4GSpeedTest has a first of kind direct response camapign wherein you can tweet to Airtel and find out the time that how much a particular app take to download on 4G vs 3G vs 2G. Airtel instantly responds you with a Twitpic infographic by simply showing how much time a particular app will take to download on each of the networks.
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10 Tips to increase Twitter Followers


Do you want to increase more followers on Twitter?

Most of the businesses are on Twitter nowadays, but many of them are still scratch their heads by trying to find actionable ideas to increase their Twitter followers.

In this article, You will get 10 simple tips to get you more connected with your followers, and increase your genuine Twitter follower numbers.
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8 Entrepreneurs Share Their Startup Secrets

secrets of entrpreneur


Here are the 8 secrets of startup success from a handful of successful entrepreneurs.
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ThoughtBuzz – A Powerful Tool for Social Media Management

thoughtbuzzAre you struggling to manage your different social accounts very effectively and looking to manage them from one dashboard?
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Promote your Blog by using Forums

Promotion via forumA very simple and effective way to promote your website or blog id through the use of online forums. Forums can be used as a great tool in promoting your link into your niche group. With a focus on promoting links the first thing to do is to find a couple of forums of your niche group and register up.
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